Our available infrastructure

Our infrastructure, technical equipment and software can support various aspects of research and development. The company possesses solid infrastructure, specialized software and a wide range of calibrated equipment for indoor and outdoor environmental measurements.

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Specialized software
Type Name
Energy simulations of buildings EnergyPlus
ΤΕΕ ΚΕΝΑΚ (official Hellenic software for energy simulation of buildings)
Geographic Information Systems ArcGIS Desktop Advanced
Renewable energy system design PV*Sol Expert 5 set (grid & stand alone) + 3D shade analysis
T*Sol Pro
GeoT*SOL basic
RetScreen International
Electromechanical, environmental and wastewater studies / Public and Private Works' management FINE 10 NG and ERGA NG
Measurement devices and monitoring systems
Type Name
Air Quality (Outdoor and Indoor)
Air quality monitoring station (SO2, NO2, O3, CO, air temperature and air humidity) Aeroqual AQM 60
Particulate matter monitoring station (PM2.5 or PM10) Aeroqual Dust Sentry
Small scale air quality monitoring station (NO2, O3, PM2.5, air temperature and air humidity) Aeroqual AQY
Portable air quality sensor for odor measurements (H2S, NMHC, VOC, SO2 και CH4) Aeroqual Series 500
10 x portable indoor air quality (CO2, VOC, PM2.5, NO2, CO, O3) monitoring devices uHoo
41x low cost sensors for PM2.5 or PM10 measurements iOTECH
Gas Detector Pump (e.g. CO, H2S, SO2, etc.) Dräger
Multi gas (e.g. LEL, CO2, O2, etc.) detection instrument with external electric pump Dräger X - AM 5000
Air sampling device (e.g. VOCs, PM, heavy metals, etc.) Sensidyne, Gillian Gilair 5
Sampling meter of temperature, humidity, CO2 (+data logger) NDIR CO2-Meter PCE-GA 70
Energy audits
Infrared camera PCE-TC 3
Sampling meter of temperature, humidity, lux, decibel Environmental meter DT-2232
Meter of temperature, humidity (+data logger) Mini-Datalogger PCE-HT 71N
Wind velocity meters Digital anemometer TA-430 / Anemometer PCE-AM81
Electromagnetic protection
Electromagnetic field meter EMF/ELF Meter
AC Electric Field Meter AC Electric Field Meter
Acoustic comfort
Sound level meter RION NL-20
Photovoltaic efficiency
Solar radiation meter and photovoltaics' efficiency estimator PCE-SPM 1
Outdoor and indoor audits
Meters of distance, space and volume Prexiso X2-Laser distance Meter
3 x GPS devices with integrated camera Garmin GPSMap 62/62S / Garmin Montana 650t / Garmin GPS 11
Biodiversity monitoring
Binoculars KONUS 10x50 WA